It’s the perfect job for me!  I absolutely love seeing a transformation by doing a treatment that makes my clients feel happy and confident, it’s extremely rewarding.



NOW 2021!

Things have evolved massively in the semi permanent makeup industry, so it’s an absolute must that I have ongoing training to keep up to date with the latest technique. Last year I attended an advanced powder brows course with an amazing teacher in London and I’ve just completed an online training course with a teacher who is based in Poland, during the lockdown period. New skin treatments are always coming out, as soon as they do I’m there at the aesthetics training academy, so I can always offer the best skin solution.  I’m accredited by the local Council and have a licence to work, so you are in safe hands with me!


I have built an extensive portfolio of certificates since qualifying as a beauty therapist in 2004, including;  Pulsar IPL (intentense pulse light) for skin rejuvenation and hair removal, Ultrapulse laser tattoo removal including carbon facials, Biotouch Advanced SPMU, Advanced Powder Brows at Moda Donna London Academy, Quantum online eyebrow techniques, Emma Coates Aesthetic Training School for Microneedling and Glycolic Acid Skin Peels.  I have worked for Decleor Paris,  Lancome and Clinique.

My story...

About 6 years ago I went to get a tattoo, not knowing where it would lead!  After chatting with the owner he gave me the opportunity to work at the studio doing laser tattoo removal, which is where I met my friend Pippa who is a very talented tattoo artist. Long story short,  she opened her own tattoo studio in Earlsdon and I worked there for her managing the studio and doing semi permanent makeup, which is where it all started.  She helped me transfer my makeup skills to tattooing them. It’s something I had always wanted to do and it was the perfect opportunity to learn.  There was no better way to learn the skill than being in a tattoo studio with the support of tattoo artists. I’ve gained so much knowledge in the industry and loads of tattoos!